Tune into your body to allow space and time to notice what’s present for you at the moment.

Explore and inquire from your subconscious and unconscious.

What do you think you'll discover if you allow yourself to become aware of what’s showing up without judgment or agenda?


5% of what we do is conscious

95% of what we do is unconscious

How can we set ourselves up so we can use our autopilot to serve us & propel us towards the things we envision?

The first step is to practice curiousity!

When we allow ourselves to:

Step 1: Get Curious

This means having no agenda and tuning in with the goal to discover what is present.

Whatever is showing up for you is ready to be seen.

Step 2: Acceptance Without Resistance

This is where you release the urge to judge what's showing up as good or bad and allow it to breathe.

Step 3: Journal

Take note of what showed up and how it showed up in the body. What is it telling you and how do you use this to inform your consciousness moving forward.


Gained Clarity

"She guided me through an inspiring somatic experience that I won't forget. So much clarity came from that one session alone. It gave me awareness and a new perspective on how to approach my challenges." - Dana R.

Gained Deep Understanding

"I learned to take a deep understanding look into my feelings and what it means. I learned to triage my life priorities and be more compassionate in life and with myself. I learned to imagine my goals and what I want from life.

I've been retraining my brain which is not an easy task. But with the skills and tools Sonia has taught me, I will continually work at improving my life and focusing on my goals." - Patti S.

Discover Your True Desire

"It helps us to dive deep to discover our true self, true desires and how we can actually achieve them." - Trish T.

Who Am I?

Always a driven, high-performing, high achiever I didn't realize I was struggling with burnout and after a decade, I finally hit rock bottom. I came out the other end with a diagnosis of Anxiety, Depression & Complex PTSD. I lost my desire to live and there were days when I couldn't even stand or walk. There wasn't anything "wrong" with my body yet it was completely depleted.

While nursing myself back to health, I came across Somatic Experiencing and then the transformative Mastery Method Coaching, which with my Somatic Experiencing mentorship allowed me to transform the thoughts, behaviours and practices that had driven me to my lowest point. I was healing from burnout, and judgmental, detrimental and disempowered thinking that was draining me of energy, and keeping me detached from my body, my life and my goals.

Along this journey so far, I've helped dozens of clients through hundreds of hours of Integrative Somatic Coaching. I help them shift their energy into what is truly valuable for them while integrating all parts of them to tap into their wisdom and personal power so they can show up from a place of abundance and presence. Now they achieve new levels of impact, performance and growth in their lives and businesses.

As a Mastery Method Certified Coach, I focus on five levels of awareness. The Somatic, Emotional, Behavioural, Thoughts and the Unconscious. Along with various modalities including Breathwork, and neuro-rewiring, I've created a proprietary framework to support my clients with my Happy Heart Impact Elevation Journey. We start by anchoring your vision of what's most inspiring for you. We identify your values and build a roadmap to create what you truly want while using the inner blocks as stepping stones to growing your edge along the way.

Now, it has become my life's mission to help even more individuals like you that need to reconnect with your hearts mission, your internal wisdom, your personal power and limitless potential so you can "Dare To Make A Monumental Impact" as you make exponential progress towards achieving your vision with freedom and joy along the way.

Are You Ready To Feel More Inspired & Joyful?

Free up physical energy by liberating yourself from thoughts and beliefs that are draining you and keeping you from achieving your goals.
Connect with yourself on a deeper level.

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